illustration of noise in an urban environment

Paper Spotlight – Prediction of annoyance due to live music

In our spotlighted paper this week, “Towards a subjective quantification of noise annoyance due to outdoor events,” Charbel Hourani and Adam Hill explore the complex nature of noise annoyance and its impact on communities surrounding outdoor events. This innovative research is relevant to event organizers, policymakers, and community leaders, providing a novel approach to understanding […]

illustration of a live music venue.

Paper Spotlight – Investigating the acoustic transparency of materials at live events

This week’s paper spotlight features “The effect of purported acoustically transparent materials on sound propagation” by Zsombor Szoke, Jon Burton, Adam Hill, and Mark Dring and provides an in-depth look at how materials used in stage designs, like LED walls and acoustic scrims, influence sound quality at live events. This research is of interest to […]

Photo of Samuel Williams

Graduate Spotlight – Samuel Williams

Samuel Williams, a 2015 BSc (Hons) Sound, Light and Live Event Technology and 2019 MSc Applied Acoustics graduate, has harnessed his Derby education to excel in diverse roles within the industry. Initially drawn to electroacoustics and live music, Samuel’s coursework equipped him to tackle intricate projects, grasp technology standards, and navigate regulations effectively. The course’s […]