This week’s paper spotlight features “The effect of purported acoustically transparent materials on sound propagation” by Zsombor Szoke, Jon Burton, Adam Hill, and Mark Dring and provides an in-depth look at how materials used in stage designs, like LED walls and acoustic scrims, influence sound quality at live events. This research is of interest to audio engineers, event producers, and stage designers aiming to balance visual aesthetics with optimal sound propagation, ensuring that audiences enjoy the best of both worlds. The research was led by Zsombor when he was studying with us on our BSc (Hons) Sound, Light and Live Event Engineering course.


illustration of a live music venue.

What is the title of the paper?

The effect of purported acoustically transparent materials on sound propagation

What is the paper about?

This paper investigates the effects of purportedly acoustically transparent materials, such as LED walls and acoustic scrims, on sound propagation. It aims to determine how these materials impact sound quality, focusing on their acoustic transparency and diffusion properties through experimental analysis.

Why should people be interested in this work?

People involved in audio engineering, event production, and stage design should find this work interesting. It provides valuable insights into how visual elements in live settings affect sound propagation, crucial for optimizing auditory experiences without compromising visual aesthetics.

What’s the full citation for the paper?

Szoke, Z.; J. Burton; A. Hill; M. Dring. “The effect of purported acoustically transparent materials on sound propagation.” Proc. IOA Conference on Reproduced Sound. Bristol, UK, November, 2023.

Where can the paper be accessed online?

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