illustration of a solo artist playing a small concert.

Paper Spotlight – Leq time interval for live music

Today we have “Sound Level Measurement, Monitoring and Management in Small Music Venues: Leq Averaging Time Interval” by Jos Mulder and Adam Hill in our paper spotlight. The paper addresses the critical issue of sound level management in live music environments, particularly focusing on the Leq time interval and its effects on dynamic range and...
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illustration of an audience at a live event.

Paper Spotlight – Signal decorrelation for live sound

This week’s paper spotlight focuses on “Signal decorrelation for sound reinforcement system crossovers” by Adam Hill which delves into the application of diffuse signal processing to improve sound quality in live settings by addressing coherent interference issues. This paper is likely to be useful to audio professionals seeking an innovative solution for more consistent sound...
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illustration of a crowd at a live event.

Paper Spotlight – Live event sound exposure monitoring

In today’s paper spotlight, we have “A case study on practical live event sound exposure monitoring,” by Adam Hill, Ken Liston, Ian Wiggins, and Graham Naylor, introducing innovative strategies for real-time sound monitoring in music venues, aimed at reducing the risk of hearing damage for concert-goers while preserving the quality of live music experiences. This...
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David Imrie photo.

Graduate Spotlight – David Imrie

David Imrie, a graduate from Derby’s BSc (Hons) Sound, Light, and Live Event Technology program, chose Derby for its strong engineering focus, influenced by a former boss who was a Derby graduate. Throughout his studies, his confidence grew, and he acquired a diverse skill set encompassing problem-solving, electro-acoustics, and more. Surprisingly, he developed a newfound...
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singer sweating onstage

Paper Spotlight – The effect of perspiration on IEMs

Today we’re spotlighting “An investigation into the effect of sweat and moisture on the performance of in-ear monitors,” by Ross Gilmour, Jon Burton, and Adam Hill, which offers critical insights into an often-overlooked aspect of live performance technology – the effect of perspiration on in-ear monitors (IEMs). This study is a valuable resource for musicians...
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