Welcome to Entertainment Engineering at the University of Derby!

Housed within the School of Engineering in the College of Science and Engineering, our subject area boasts an array of cutting-edge facilities such as 3D multichannel sound rooms, a hemi-anechoic chamber, a virtual reality cave, live event spaces, and advanced electronics labs.

Since its inception in 1999, our undergraduate course, BSc (Hons) Sound, Light, and Live Event Engineering, has enabled hundreds of students to excel as live event professionals worldwide.

In the postgraduate realm, our MSc Audio Engineering course, introduced in 2015, is enriched by the research capacities of the Electro-Acoustics Research Lab (EARLab). Additionally, our collaboration with the Institute of Acoustics has led to the IOA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control and the MSc Applied Acoustics, which have been guiding students and professionals in acoustics since the mid-1990s.

We maintain active educational partnerships and collaborations with industry stalwarts such as Meyer Sound, L-Acoustics, Solotech, Anna Valley, and Cloudbass. Furthermore, our dedicated faculty is engaged with well-known institutions including the Audio Engineering Society (AES), the Institute of Acoustics (IOA), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

On this website you can learn more about our academic programs, research initiatives, and the achievements of our staff, students and alumni. You’ll also find pertinent links that lead you to in-depth information on our courses and current research pursuits at the University of Derby.

For any questions or discussions related to our programs, research, or industry partnerships, please feel free to reach out through our contact form.


Recent blog posts (click here for the full blog):

Photo of Eduardo Mota

Graduate Spotlight – Eduardo Mota

Eduardo Mota, a 2021 graduate of the MSc Audio Engineering program, has swiftly transitioned into a dynamic role as a Quality Assurance Engineer and Sound Designer at Sound Particles, a leading audio software company specializing in spatial and 3D audio solutions for the film and gaming industry. Eduardo’s initial passion for electronics remained strong throughout...
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photo of Adam Hill

Staff Spotlight – Adam Hill

This week’s staff spotlight showcases Adam Hill, Associate Professor of Electroacoustics at the University of Derby, who channels his expertise in electroacoustics, sound reinforcement, and signal processing in his work at the university. His journey from the USA to Derby was fueled by the allure of teaching and researching around live event engineering. Adam’s most...
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Photo of Samuel Williams

Graduate Spotlight – Samuel Williams

Samuel Williams, a 2015 BSc (Hons) Sound, Light and Live Event Technology and 2019 MSc Applied Acoustics graduate, has harnessed his Derby education to excel in diverse roles within the industry. Initially drawn to electroacoustics and live music, Samuel’s coursework equipped him to tackle intricate projects, grasp technology standards, and navigate regulations effectively. The course’s...
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photo of Paul Shields

Staff Spotlight – Paul Shields

This week we feature Paul Shields, Senior Lecturer in Applied Acoustics at the University of Derby, who brings extensive expertise in environmental acoustics, particularly in rail, industry, and construction. He chose Derby for its fantastic team, facilities, and opportunities to inspire the next generation of acousticians. Excited about the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence and...
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