Sunghoon Moon, a standout graduate of the University of Derby’s MSc Audio Engineering program, has journeyed from Seoul, South Korea, to Eindhoven, The Netherlands, excelling as a Software Developer at Sorama. His decision to pursue his master’s at Derby was influenced by the diverse curriculum options and the allure of the location. Initially drawn to audio electronics, Sunghoon’s focus evolved during his studies, with a newfound passion for audio software engineering and spatial audio, nurtured by the guidance of Bruce Wiggins. Despite initial reservations, programming became invaluable in both his academic pursuits and professional endeavors. Since graduating, Sunghoon has seamlessly transitioned into roles as an acoustic engineer and software developer, with ambitions to intertwine his acoustics knowledge with software engineering, potentially exploring avenues in the game and 3D audio industries.


Photo of Sunghoon Moon

Sunghoon Moon, Class of 2021


Seoul, South Korea

Current location:

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Current job + employer:

Software Developer at Sorama B.V

What did you do/study prior to coming to Derby?

I studied electronic engineering and audio production before Derby.

Why did you choose to go to the University of Derby?

As far as I remember, there were a few options for audio engineering master degree in the UK. I chose Derby by taking into account different factors, curriculums, tuition fees and the location. In terms of the curriculum, I liked that there were different paths that I could choose within audio fields.

Did you start the course with a specific focus or were you undecided?

Yes, audio electronics.

Did that focus change on the course? If so, how?

Yes, before I studied at Derby, I was interested in audio electronics. However, I found out that I was more interested in audio software engineering and spatial audio, which were mainly taught by Bruce.

Has that focus changed on graduating? If so, how?

Yes, absolutely, my dissertation was about higher-order ambisonic and VBAP, which were simulated and rendered in MATLAB.

What was the most useful thing you learned on the course?


What did you learn on the course that you thought you’d never use, but that has come in handy during your career?


What did you do on the course that you never thought you would enjoy?


What was your favourite establishment in Derby (pub, bar, club, restaurant, etc.)?


What is your most memorable moment from Derby?

The graduation ceremony

What/who at Derby most influenced your life, and how/why?

Personally, my girlfriend lived in Derby. In relation to my study, I would say Bruce and his courses. I’ve never thought I’d enjoy programming or spatial audio. His course became a first kick and the trigger to start my motivation for software engineering.

What would you say to a Derby first year student, knowing what you know now?

I’d like to say that just trying different fields of study that you haven’t experienced before. you never know what you’ll like and be more interested in. And I believe Derby provides that opportunity.

What have you done professionally since graduating?

I’ve been working as an acoustic engineer and recently working as a software developer. For the acoustic engineer role, I needed to do validation tasks for the product in relation to acoustics, which includes measurement and analysis in MATLAB. Recently, as a software developer, I’ve been working on the integration work of Boston Dynamics’s SPOT robot with our product, which can localize the sound source.

What is your most memorable moment from your career so far?

I think the most memorable moment was when my first software project finished.

What are your future career plans/ambitions?

My interest always has been in acoustics and audio engineering. Now I want to go beyond that. My next and current goal is to become a proper software engineer, which can later combine my knowledge of acoustics with the programming side. Currently, I’m working in the industrial field, but in the future, I also want to experience the game industry and 3D audio industry.

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