In our spotlighted paper this week, “Towards a subjective quantification of noise annoyance due to outdoor events,” Charbel Hourani and Adam Hill explore the complex nature of noise annoyance and its impact on communities surrounding outdoor events. This innovative research is relevant to event organizers, policymakers, and community leaders, providing a novel approach to understanding and managing the delicate balance between vibrant live music events and the tranquility of surrounding communities.

illustration of noise in an urban environment

What is the title of the paper?

Towards a subjective quantification of noise annoyance due to outdoor events

What is the paper about?

The paper is focused on establishing a subjective quantification of noise annoyance from outdoor events. It aims to bridge the gap in objective research on leisure noise by integrating acoustical, physiological, and psychological measurements with subjective rating scales. This novel approach seeks to develop a metric tailored for assessing off-site annoyance due to sound propagation from live events.

Why should people be interested in this work?

People should be interested in this work due to its potential to enhance the management of noise pollution from outdoor events, contributing to better public health and well-being. By providing a nuanced understanding of noise annoyance, including physiological and cognitive factors, the study offers insights that could inform more effective strategies for noise mitigation, benefiting both event organizers and communities.

What’s the full citation for the paper?

Hourani, C.; A.J. Hill. “Towards a subjective quantification of noise annoyance due to outdoor events.” Proc. IOA Conference on Reproduced Sound. Bristol, UK, November, 2023.

Where can the paper be accessed online?

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