Last week, members of the University of Derby Electro-Acoustics Research Lab (EARLab) traveled to Bristol for the 39th annual Institute of Acoustics Reproduced Sound conference. The conference represents the cutting edge of modern audio and acoustics and allows consultants, manufacturers, contractors, end users, academics, and students to mingle and share insights and information.

There were five EARLab papers presented at the conference:

1) “Inaudibility criteria and alternative methods for controlling music noise levels from late night entertainment” – James Gardner, JG Acoustics, UK; Gareth Hance, Electric Star, UK; Adam Hill, University of Derby

James Gardner presenting his research

James Gardner presenting his research on inaudibility criteria

2) “The effect of purported acoustically transparent materials on sound propagation” – Zsombor Szoke, Jon Burton, Mark Dring, Adam Hill, University of Derby

Adam Hill presenting his research.

Adam Hill presenting research on purported acoustically transparent materials

3) “Towards a subjective quantification of noise annoyance due to outdoor events” – Charbel Hourani, Adam Hill, University of Derby

Charbel Hourani presenting his research.

Charbel Hourani presenting his research on noise annoyance

4) “The Icossa project – An improved omnidirectional sound source for room acoustic testing without the strong lobing of “dodec” loudspeakers” – David Gilfillan, ICE Design, Australia; Adam Hill, University of Derby; Glenn Leembruggen, Acoustic Directions, Australia

Glenn Leembruggen presenting his research.

Glenn Leembruggen presenting his research into improved omnidirectional sound sources

5) “An investigation into the effect of sweat and moisture on the performance of in-ear monitors” – Ross Gilmour, Adam Hill, Jon Burton, University of Derby

The lead authors of papers (2) and (5) are recent BSc (Hons) Sound, Light and Live Event Technology graduates, where the papers detail their final year research projects. Paper (1)’s lead author is a recent MSc Applied Acoustics graduate, while paper (3)’s lead author is a current PhD student. Paper (4) details research that has led to a joint patent application between Derby and Acoustic Directions, Australia.

All papers were well-received at the conference, prompting a lively discussion among the delegates, and leading to conversations regarding potential future collaborations with members of the industry and academia. EARLab is looking forward to contributing to the 40th anniversary conference in 2024!

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