Even though the official opening of the Derby’s new STEM Centre isn’t until next academic year, Adam and Bruce have managed to gain special access to the building so that our undergraduate and postgraduate students can use the new hemi-anechoic chamber for their research and practical work.

So far, we’re loving the new facility and looking forward to equipping it with some brand new, state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment over the next few months!

Here’s a shot of some of our MSc Audio Engineering students taking measurements in the chamber as part of their module, Advanced Surround Sound Systems, led by Dr Bruce Wiggins.


hemi-anechoic chamber test setup.

And below is a 360 explorable version of the same shot (click the pic, then click the pic in the new window to activate 🙂 )

hemi-anechoic chamber test setup. 3D photo.

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