Title: Applications of auralization in live sound reinforcement

Overview: Auralizaton of real listening environments using binaural simulation techniques has become increasingly common in many branches of audio/acoustics over the past few decades. To date, the technology hasn’t been applied in live sound reinforcement. This project focuses on the development of hardware and software to allow professional live sound engineers to use real-time auralization to enhance their ability to deliver acceptable sound throughout large performance venues. There are many challenges involved with this, including devising a wireless measurement procedure for multi-element sound systems as well as creating a real-time digital signal processing algorithm that seamlessly interfaces with existing equipment. Additional applications to be explored in this work include use within theatre ticketing systems, live sound reinforcement education, public engagement events/activities and virtual reality.

Director of studies: Dr Adam Hill

Funding: £14,553 stipend per year + UK home tuition fees

Application deadline: 16 July 2017

Interview date: week commencing 31 July

Starting date: September 2017

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