In our latest Graduate Spotlight feature, we introduce Rebbecca Cadd, a 2013 graduate from the BSc (Hons) Sound, Light and Live Event Technology programme at the University of Derby. Transitioning from a stint at the NHS to exploring the interplay of sound and lighting at Derby, Rebbecca’s studies were marked by an evolving passion for lighting and electronics. Her determination saw her through challenging modules, cultivating a love for previously daunting subjects such as computer programming. Recently, she transitioned into a role as a Technical Training and Support Specialist at Entedi, continuing her vibrant career in professional lighting education. Rebbecca’s narrative is a testament to the enduring impact of a supportive educational and social environment at the University of Derby.


Rebbecca Cadd grad spotlight photo.

Rebbecca Cadd, Class of 2013




Current location:

High Wycombe


Current job + employer:

Technical Training and Support Specialist at Entedi


What did you do/study prior to coming to Derby?

Worked for the NHS for a year within the admin team.


Why did you choose to go to the University of Derby?

To study a course that had sound and lighting and discover what I’d enjoy. Not many places had courses like this and Derby Uni accepted onto the foundation year.


Did you start the course with a specific focus or were you undecided?

Undecided. Wanted to see the options and explore.


Did that focus change on the course? If so, how?

Yes. I seemed good with the sound modules but wanted to do more lighting. I really enjoyed the second year onwards with the electronics and programming modules, including creating a basic computer game.


Has that focus changed on graduating? If so, how?

Yes. I wasn’t sure which area to go into. Electronics or lighting. I went into being a college technician and went from there.


What was the most useful thing you learned on the course?

Hard work and discipline. I struggled with some modules and managed to get through them and learn to enjoy some of them.


What did you learn on the course that you thought you’d never use, but that has come in handy during your career?

Self learning. I had to research into some areas in roles I did to learn new software and knew that because I managed to do it at uni, I could apply that to my job.


What did you do on the course that you never thought you would enjoy?

Coding and electronics as well as derbot wars. I didn’t enjoy those modules at first, but I learned over the years at uni to find ways to revise and I managed to understand and enjoy those types of modules.


What was your favourite establishment in Derby (pub, bar, club, restaurant, etc.)?

Mosh Nightclub ? and the Taekwondo Uni club I was a member of.


What is your most memorable moment from Derby?

The people and friends I came across. I am still in contact with some (now very good friends) and even had one as my bridesmaid. Most of all meeting my now husband there! I still visit Derby regularly.


What/who at Derby most influenced your life, and how/why?

Lecturer wise, disco Dave (a.k.a. Dave Wilson). He had patience for me and I didn’t feel so stupid in his lessons. He was my final year project mentor.

Also my now husband. I failed a maths module at foundation year and met my husband, where I got to know him through the maths help clinics. He believed in me and was patient and spent a year helping me to pass it.


What would you say to a Derby first year student, knowing what you know now?

Be kind to yourself and if you put the work in, the results will follow. Also, get involved as much as you possibly can! Social wise, hobbies and also any extracurricular uni work. Don’t be shy.


What have you done professionally since graduating?

I started part-time working in retail, then was a technician for a college. I then went into the lighting industry working for worldwide known lighting companies, lighting console manufacturers, as well as a large rental company.


What is your most memorable moment from your career so far?

Whenever I go to Glastonbury and stand at front of house on one of the stages helping with tech support.


What are your future career plans/ambitions?

To continue supporting training and supporting lighting designers and operators as well as doing some freelancing in between. Also, I hope to continue to go back to train students at the University of Derby, which is an honour ?.

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