Enter Shikari event photo.
James Coghlan (recent graduate) on Enter Shikari tour

One of our recent graduates, James Coghlan, was involved in the sound team for the latest Enter Shikari tour which featured Live Quadraphonic Surround Sound. As we’re interested in both surround sound and it’s use in the live event (it’s a feature on all courses in our area – see the case study Improved Spatial Audio from Ambisonic Surround Sound Software as an example of our work), James invited us to the show at Nottingham Motorpoint Areana so we could experience it first hand.

It’s a big arena and so I was worried the challenging acoustic would cause issues, but the team used the multiple line and sub arrays wonderfully which made for a fantastic sounding couple of support acts.  However, when Enter Shikari began, it became clear that the quadraphonic setup wasn’t just a gimmick for them.  There was, of course, some very obvious effects (all pre-produced and synced using time-code) but it was the more subtle uses that I found particularly interesting.  Enter Shikari event photo.The reverb of the occasional snare hit, which drifted towards the back of the room; the layered vocals spread around the listening area; everything was setup for a truly immersive experience and one that I think many could do with experiencing to really hear what’s possible with some forward planning, a talented sound team, good equipment and a band that really know how to use it!  It was an incredible sounding show.  Well done to James, and all involved!

More details on the technology involved, and some of the great reviews the sound received, can be found on the Adlib blog.

Crew Shot. L-R. Andy Russell, James Coghlan, George Puttock & Kleiner
Adlib Sound Crew Shot. L-R. Andy Russell, James Coghlan, George Puttock & Kleiner (from https://www.adlib.co.uk/blog/news/adlib-sparks-up-for-enter-shikari-tour/)

Enter Shikari event photo.

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