Per Rasmussen, Technical Director at G.R.A.S., visited us last Thursday to give our staff and students a master class on measurement microphones. This was part of the G.R.A.S UK University Roadshow 2016.

guest lecture photo.

Per covered everything from the basics of how a condenser microphone operates, to going through the variables which shape the time and frequency domain responses of a microphones, all the way to how to choose the correct microphone for extreme acoustic situations (such as a sonic boom, a jet engine taking off or recording a snail).

Staff and students alike came away from the talk with a widened knowledge of measurement microphones (as well as a nice goody bag from G.R.A.S.).

Many thanks to the people at G.R.A.S UK for making this happen and a huge thank you to Per for sharing some of his knowledge with us!

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